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Better backup and disaster recovery

The IBM Spectrum range of products are designed to keep your important data safe from the threats that exist in the digital and real world. Data can be deleted, stolen or misplaced. Or your systems can be wiped out from a natural disaster or simply crash for an unknown reason. With so many opportunities to lose data, you need to make sure you have the best software in place to get it back, fast.



IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM® Spectrum Protect, formerly Tivoli® Storage Manager, is a data protection platform that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for backup and recovery.

It enables reliable, cost effective backups and fast recovery for virtual, physical and cloud environments of all sizes.

  • Spend less on data protection and more on innovation. Reduce backup and recovery infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent.1

  • Protect and recover data with confidence. Control virtual, physical and cloud backup data from a single point, with greater visualization and administrator productivity.

  • Deploy flexible solutions in any size organization. Spectrum Protect scales from entry to large enterprise workloads.

Spend less on data protection and more on innovation

  • Switching to Spectrum Protect can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent, based on IBM assessments using Butterfly Software

  • Incremental “forever” backup in conjunction with deduplication can reduce backup storage requirements up to 95 percent for virtual and physical environments.

Manage and protect data with confidence

  • The IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center dashboard, policy driven administration and cloud integration make the product easy to use.

  • VMware administrators can manage backups and restores using familiar user interfaces. There is no need to interact directly with backup servers.

  • OpenStack backup drivers and VMware vCloud integration enable automated backups and simplified restores for cloud applications

Deploy flexible solutions in any size organization

  • Spectrum Protect is highly scalable – a single backup server can protect billions of objects and can ingest, deduplicate and replicate up to 100 terabytes per day of new or changed client data.

  • There are specially priced and packaged entry versions for small and mid-sized organizations. These versions are full featured and offer a choice of capacity and component based license plans.

Learn more about how to spend less time and money on backups with IBM Spectrum Protect.




Does your business have offices scattered around the country. Maybe a few in one state or one in each state? If you think it would be great to be able to store and recover the data from any office in one central location, then keep reading.



  • Cheaper, greener storage – no tapes or tape drives means less power and cooling requirements.
  • Minimal interruptions
  • Set and go – no need for onsite management.
  • Easy integration – cover the entire enterprise by including Tivoli Storage Manager as part of a Unified Management Platform.



  • Automated on site and off site backup.
  • Self programmed backup.
  • Block level data recovery.



Continuous Data Protection for Files

Have you ever considered what critical business data and information would be lost if a laptop crashed, or your file server failed? Often the most important information is contained in what users are working on right now, and updating constantly. If the worst was to happen, would you really be happy to rely on last night's backup?



  • Real time data protection
  • No work interruption as backup runs in the background 
  • Faster, up to date data backup of critical files
  • Optimised bandwidth with only changed files being backed up
  • Your choice of data recovery points
  • Minimised backup/recovery window
  • Write protect data locally even when not connected in case of virus, corruption, logical error or user error
  • Send data to a range of backup devices - Disk, NAS, USB...
  • Easy to set up and manage



  • Continuous data protection
  • Periodic backup to a remote file server of Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Multiple versions of files retained
  • Instant backup of changed files
  • Set options for high and low priority files
  • Set the length of time you retain data files for
  • Stand-alone protection at a local cache
  • Remote and local disk support


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