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DocumentONE - ISW Software



Cost effective, easy to use document management

How organised are your documents?

Is it easy for staff to find what they’re looking for?

How do they know they’ve found the right document?


From government departments to mining, education to manufacturing, any business that has a collection of roughly organised files and documents will be able to change the way they work with DocumentONE.


Increased productivity

  • Staff will no longer spend valuable time searching for a document or re-creating documents that are unable to be located.


Document control and sharing

  • Documents can be made available across the entire organisation or allocated to authorised users only.


Increase accountability

  • Track the path of important documents as they flow through your organisation, from registration or creation to their formal review and approval.


Avoid mistakes

  • eliminates the risk of overwriting or deleting important documents leading to potentially serious legal or commercial implications.


Connects mobile users

  • Staff working from home or on the move will have full access to documents.


Save costs

  • You can reduce the cost of physical and electronic document storage by keeping everything in one place. Loads on email systems and servers will also be decreased, saving you more money.



  • Easy integration with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook
  • Scan and file hardcopy documents
  • Pre-define document templates
  • Document tracking
  • Search function within a single or across multiple libraries
  • Version control and access security
  • Audit logging for changes to documents