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Address-IT Online - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software
  • Scott Leis
  • Scott Leis

Address-IT Online - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software


Address-IT Online

Accurate address capture on your website

Address-IT Online belongs on your website if you need to collect and validate addresses of customers, members or prospects in real time. Address-IT Online


Why use Address-IT Online?

  • Validate addresses before they enter your internal database
  • Reduce human error and returned mail
  • Integrate easily into any web page
  • Provide a simple, reliable and efficient solution to capture addresses accurately online




  • Validate addresses online against the Australia Post PAF
  • Real time address validation
  • Dynamic Ajax interface with predictive search functionality
  • Returns Australia Post barcode for pre-sort mail discounts
  • Out of the box website integration
  • Hosting option available from ISW
  • Additional full address matching service available




  • Quarterly updates to the Australia Post PAF
  • Phone support from your local Address-IT developers
  • Assistance with website integration - via phone
  • Technical documentation - including install guides





Address-IT Online is offered at a very competitive price.  Contact ISW today for a quote.



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