social business

Smarter businesses tap into their employees, customers, and partners, to leverage expertise and innovation. They integrate social collaboration into their digital transformation strategies, operations, and processes resulting in better efficiency, problem solving, and new opportunities making them more competitive and successful.


Social software for business has come a long way over the past few years and has become an integral part of many organisations across the globe. Social software for business is improving how organisations work and communicate, with digital transformation becoming a necessary reality for organisations large and small. Many organisations are already utilising it to capture knowledge, discover experts, encourage innovation and enhance communication and teamwork.


For seven consecutive years, IBM's social business solution IBM Connections has been the market leading enterprise platform. ISW is a recognised leader in IBM Connections implementation, development, customisation, education, and support and we are excited by the benefits our clients are
already receiving from integrating IBM Connections into their workplace. Find out more about IBM Connections and how ISW can enable your organisation today!



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